Hi, I'm Blake.

I create products and systems that help busy entrepreneurs succeed online.

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Why I'm here.

Throughout my career I’ve worked with enterprise level companies and small businesses alike to grow their leads and revenue. I’ve distilled all that experience down to a set of principles that is approachable and less intimidating to the self-starter and entrepreneur.

I’m here to ensure that you learn for yourself that “Yes, I can do this!” It’s not as intimidating as it may seem. Let me show you how.

Blake Beus small business automation expert
Blake Beus technology automation expert

Not all who wander are lost

I started my entrepreneurial journey not too long ago. I remember it well. You know, that feeling in a dream where you are trying to run but your legs just won't move that fast. It's like you are running against gravity.

That's how my first few weeks felt. I thought I was prepared to leave my job and career as Director of Technology for an insanely awesome events company.

I've had mixed reactions to my decision. Some are supportive, but others think I'm lost. Chasing dreams is different than being lost.

The first step is to give yourself permission to start the journey.