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Unfortunately, the "gurus" are lying to you about your business.

They'll tell you that "this one weird strategy" will instantly fix your business, or that they can show you how to make your business 10x in just a few weeks.

The reality is that everyone one of us faces a hurdle. The same hurdle that will make or break your business. And if your business isn't where you know it should be, 99% of the time you are stumbling over this hurdle when you need to be soaring.

It doesn't work like this anymore

You can't just throw out a post every few days

Everything changes just too fast to keep up, and it’s only speeding up. There’s always another algorithm change around the corner... or another social media network you just need to hop on right now before it gets too crowded!

What’s next ... a social media network the only form of communication is memes? Oh wait...Reddit already exists.

The fact is that it’s almost impossible to get ahead if you are trying to do it all yourself.

Everyone tries to imitate the growth and marketing strategies they see from accounts with millions of followers.

They all have an entire social media team working behind the scenes.

I'm guessing you are reading this because dropping $1,500 each month on a social media manager just doesn't fit within the budget (unless you dumped your entire 401k into Dogecoin at just the right time).

The fact remains that every single successful entrepreneur delegates as much as they possibly can. They realize that their lack of time and skill is the biggest blocker to their success. That’s why they bring in experts to help manage nearly everything they can. But how do you get from where you currently are to where you KNOW you need to be (where you have a full team dedicated to your business success)?

There needs to be a middle ground

There needs to be a middle ground where the people that could really benefit from delegation can have all of the benefits at a price point that makes sense.

Well...there is one. And I created it.

Welcome to SM3 Pro

Content components, exclusive and custom built community, planning boards, courses, real-time Q&A and much more.

What's Inside SM3 Pro

Content Components

Each month we publish a set of fully editable hand crafted content components. Our proprietary content components allow you to build a consistent and unique brand presence that sets the foundation for your entire business marketing just minutes each month.

Content Component - captions

Fill In The Blank Captions

Fully editable so you can be done in seconds!

Each month my content team creates fill-in-the-blank content captions. We craft these captions to be highly engaging and easy to adapt to social media posts, email newsletters, blog posts and even ads. You won’t have to write another social media post, email newsletter or blog post from scratch ever again. Each caption is structured to be deeply effective at driving action with your audience. No more boring content. You'll have scroll-stopping, click-worthy content at your fingertips.

Social Media Content Plan Screenshot

Content Component - designs

30 Editable Social Media Image Designs

Look, even if you are a photographer you just don't have time to go out and create photos every day for all of your social media posts. Even if you did have the time, you'd still be better off delegating most of the photo creation and design to a social media team or employee. You simply HAVE to delegate if you want to scale. There’s no way around it. With SM3 Pro, you don’t need to hire it out; we’ve got you completely covered with professional hand-curated graphic designs you can use any way you like. Oh, and they are fully editable as well. Quickly update your brand, add some text, or change some colors and then send it to social.

editable social media graphics

Content Component - Plan of Action

Monthly Project Planning Board

You're going to absolutely love this...

Implementation is key. That’s why we include a monthly project planning board to keep everything organized. This easy-to-use digital “sticky note” system is so simple to use that you’ll be a pro in under 5 minutes (even if you’ve never used a project planning system before). Not only that, but I’ve structured the board in the EXACT way that my team and I do for our projects. I’m peeling back the curtains on the process I’ve created in my over 10 years of project management experience. Did I mention our planning system has a mobile app too? #winning

Community and Collaboration Platform

As an SM3 Pro member, you’ll get access to my exclusive custom built community platform. It’s a safe place for business owners to get the help they need and where we can open up completely without prying eyes. Best of all, our community platform allows us to support each other through the most challenging and rewarding endeavor out there: Entrepreneurship.

We are all in this together, and the connections and relationships we build here are the most impactful you’ll ever have. It’s truly a group of the finest and most driven people out there.

Inside the community, I create weekly trainings designed specifically to answer your questions and discuss strategies to take your online business up a notch (or 10).

And no… this isn’t just another Facebook group.

It’s a distraction-free, custom-built community just for SM3 Pro members. The best part is that it’s completely separate from any social media network. So we can work together without having your blood pressure spike because you saw a political post from your crazy uncle.

Each path to entrepreneurship is different, and through the group you’ll be able to crowdsource feedback on your business journey and never, ever have to go it alone again.

Instagram Secrets Course

$297 Value Included Free

For a short while, I’m also including the Instagram Secrets Course where I detail Instagram-specific growth strategies that will 2x to 10x your followers. We all know social media marketing is more than just putting out great posts. You have to get discovered. You need to be noticed. Customers who have never heard of you can’t buy from you. I cover detailed strategies to get you in front of the people who will fall head over heels in love with your content and get them to follow you.

Get Paid To Be a Member

Earn affilite revenue every month

I want to make this a HUGE win for you. As a member you’ll be instantly approved as an affiliate for SM3 Pro. Get recurring monthly commissions for everyone who joins using your affiliate link. It’s the easiest way to earn passive income for as long as they are subscribed.

No limits. No caps. Easy money.

Inner Circle Mastermind Vault

When you start your trial today

Right now, all new members will get access to the entire video vault for my Inner Circle program. The Inner Circle trainings were previously only available to my Inner Circle Mastermind members (valued at $1200+). And you’ll get access to all of them instantly. In these trainings, I detail how I created, marketed, and sold my first super simple digital product (a Google Sheet) and did over $300k in sales in the first 6 months.

A digital product in an easy way to add revenue to literally any business model out there. It’s like a cheat code for business.

I will show you exactly how I did it for my business and how you can do it for yours.

Joann H.

"Blake's trainings are amazing! He's a gifted teacher with a wealth of knowledge! He is able to break down and present information so that no matter your experience level you'll walk away knowing exactly what to do. The captions and images save me so much time!"

Joanne Hall, Founder of Joanne Hall Art


Cancel anytime guarantee

My ironclad guarantee

I can’t stand it when you sign up for a subscription, and then you have to jump through a billion hoops to cancel. That’s why my team and I have built into the system a way to allow you to cancel your membership instantly on your own, without having to email my customer support.

The “gurus” out there tell you to make canceling hard so that people end up paying you more money. They do that because they are afraid they aren't able to deliver for the members.

I'm not afraid. Making it easy for you to cancel means that I’m forced to earn your business every single month. And I love a good challenge.

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